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 In this section you will find various post that I made to Face Book which I personally thought of interest. I hope you will feel the same.    Thanks, Ken

PS Most of the originals of these post were accompanied by a song or video. The original post can be found on my FB page.

Ken Shelton

April 14,2022

  I like to think that this is one of my more unique pieces of work. With Easter just around the corner, I hope that it will remind us what Jesus did for us. 

This post featured my song The Dilemma.

Once Upon a Hero 

As he lurked in the nights darkest shadows, listening to his sworn enemy pray... a smile slowly began to form on his face. Here he was "the hope of mankind" on his knees begging his father to change his plan for saving what had to have been their biggest and most humiliating "mistake"...humans .What was it he had said? "Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine. “As he watched the sweat drops of blood form on Jesus face, he murmured in a low growl...Hero be damned ! Soon the world will know who the real hero is ! And just as he said, in a mere three days the world would indeed see who the “real hero " was and always will be...Thank You Jesus ! Ken ragamuffinsongs1949.com

 Ken Shelton 

 January 22,2022 

Songs from an old Ragamuffin  

  In 1971 I was in a position to be competitive as a songwriter ...now days not so much so. LOL Today I’m just one of millions of songwriters who would love for someone to listen to their songs. In that respect we are no different than other creative people such as painters, authors, musicians etc. In the spirit of simply sharing, I am going to start posting one of my songs per week under Songs from an Old Ragamuffin. Some songs were performed by me, some were performed by other artist. All songs were either written by me or cowritten with someone else. All LPs can be downloaded in their entirety or by individual song for free by going to https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com I am proud of my catalog of work and will be both humbled and honored if you will take the time to check it out. Comments are welcomed. Thanks, Ken 

 Ken Shelton 

January 29,2022 

This post featured the video My Way Back Home 

...to my twin brothers and sisters from different mothers  

On Child Like Trust and Faith  

Of all the songs I’ve written, this is one of my favorites. Why? Because it speaks to so many people. You may be in that vast waste land of doubt, trying to find Jesus ...wondering if He’s real or just a fairy tale. Maybe you’re a Believer going through a crisis of faith wondering where Jesus is in your time of need. The purpose of this song is to let the listener know that from time to time, we all have doubts and that they’re not alone. I know all about these feelings and questions because I’ve been there so many times myself. Jesus doesn't expect you to solve life's mysteries but rather to trust Him with a childlike faith. He will do the rest. One day very soon, we're gonna find out after all has been said tried and done, that He was and is our only hope.. I am both honored and humbled that God allowed me to write this song. I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did writing it. https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com/      Ken 

 Ken Shelton 

March 8 ,2022 

...On Choosing Sides, Mulligans Etc. (Part 1 of 3) ( featured my song The Cities Burn performed by my friend Jim Gear ) 

I was born in 1949, which makes me a “baby boomer “. Coming of age in the sixties and early seventies, I had a front row seat to the birth of school integration and the civil rights movement. I watched as these two historical events along with the Viet Nam War tore and divided our country into two angry halves each side swearing the other side was wrong. Nightly, if you chose you could watch the news media parade humanity at its worst across your TV screen. Back then (unlike today), most were honest journalist trying their best to provide their audience with the truth. Things couldn’t get any worse, right? Fast forward 50 plus years... (con’t) 

..On Choosing Sides, Mulligans Etc. (Part 2of 3) (featured my song Distant Drums) 

Viet Nam was replaced with Afghanistan and the Middle East turmoil and the race issues were intensified with George Floyd, BLM and Antifa. A once honest media has become so biased on both sides of every issue that no one knows what to believe. A “pandemic” has created a new form of division dressed up and disguised as mask vs no mask and “vaxers “vs “no vax”.In all honesty the thing that has changed the most is the degree of hatred. The infamous world “Doomsday Clock” is now at 100 seconds until Midnight. The clock that counts the most however; is the one kept by the Almighty God the creator of this universe and one would have to think that the “human experiment" is most definitely near its end. I mentioned sides above which you undoubtedly chose to be on. The most important “side decision “you will ever make however; is whose side you will be on and where you will spend eternity once your role in the “human experiment” is done. (con’t) 

...On Choosing Sides, Mulligans Etc. (Part 3of 3) ( featured my song Slippin' through the Cracks) 

I have decided not to end this piece talking about doctrines such as the Rapture and Hell which have been fiercely debated by both sides (there’s that side word again) for centuries. When all has been said and done, each of us will have to answer for ALL of the times that we broke the rules that Jesus and the Father deemed necessary to maintain their ideas for a perfect creation. The Bible says that the wages or price for unforgiven sin is death. If unforgiven people were allowed in Heaven, it would soon be just like Earth is broken and corrupt in every way. Jesus is the only one who has earned the right to forgive us. All we have to do is to ask Him to forgive us and to trust Him with all of the details and mysteries here on Earth and in spiritual matters which we can’t figure out...then come to Him with a childlike faith. As hard as it is to accept when we are surrounded by the difficult situations and questions of life... God is God and He is good all the time and were Not! He is more than willing to give us a mulligan or “do over” all we have to do is ask. I can’t imagine what Heaven will be like. Being 1000% sure that it’s not sitting on a cloud, plucking on a harp ,I’ve made sure that my mulligan has been taken care of...what about you? Jesus wants to be your Redeemer and forever friend, not your Sunday school teacher.  

Just Sayin’ Ken 

  Ken Shelton 

March 10 ,2022 

This post included the video My Way Back Home 

It's really hard for some people to take that step across the line between the seen and the unseen...the natural and the supernatural. This step is the most important one you will take on this side of the great divide. It is a step of faith that no one can take for you. Once you take the step, your spiritual journey will begin. When it does with the faith of a child take the hand that reaches out for you and hold on tight! He promises to get you safely home. Only a fool thinks they can make the journey alone. Remember that God is GOOD all the time, even when the circumstances around you may seem otherwise!    Ken 


Ken Shelton

July 15,2022

... For my twin brothers and sisters from different mothers 

                                                                                   The Unexpected Visitor 


This post is not to make you feel sorry for me, but to hopefully encourage you. What I’m about to share, most of you don’t know about me, because over the years I’ve become pretty good at hiding it and learning to deal with it. I’ve decided to go public with my secret in hopes that it might help someone else, who maybe feeling the same way. Sometimes it helps to to know that you are not alone and that there is hope. It will be in 4 parts. After reading part 1, if you think this is for you, I hope you’ll continue reading. The song Gypsy Stars and Me at the end of this post was born during one of my dark times. 

...the Visit (part 1 of4) 

On November 7,1993 I received an unexpected visit from Hell. It was on that cold, bleak winters day that my son Jason was killed by a drunk driver while coming back to school from visiting a friends house. It was with this visit that I learned that Hell was more than the place that I had been scared mortally to death of for most of my youth. With this visit and the ones that would follow later with great frequency, Hell would become almost personified. In the early days after the tragedy, it would be there from the moment that I woke up and into and through many a sleepless night. In the days, weeks and months to come, Hell would show up disguised as a variety of different characters. Included in this cast of characters were Fear, Doubt. Pain, Anxiety and Depression. Each would leave scars as a reminder of their appearance, some deeper than the others. For me the worst and longest lasting visitor to my physic world was Depression. I tend to struggle with it to this very day although to a much milder degree. On more than one occasion, one or sometimes all of the characters would suggest suicide. I would suggest that if the thought hasn’t been entertained by you yet, you just haven't come to the right mountain. It wasn’t that I wanted to die, I just didn’t want to live having to face Hell here on Earth every day. 

What is Depression? 

It’s difficult to describe depression in a way that someone who’s never experienced it can relate to or make sense of. I can’t emphasize enough that when a person descends into the darkness, what I am describing is pretty much their reality. All I can do for you is describe my experience and how depression made me feel in the early days and now. (con’t)

...for my twin brothers and sisters from different mothers 

The Unexpected Visitor (part 2 of 4) 

In the early days, a world without hope... 

Depression made my mind feel dark, lonely, and hopeless. Everything seemed meaningless, including my past accomplishments and other things that had given my life meaning. Everything that had given me a sense of value or self-esteem seemed to vanish, but I didn’t really care. I didn’t see any sense in looking forward to the future because as far as I was concerned there was none. Instead, I tended to focus my thoughts on my past failures. Procrastination became a way of life. Things that I had always taken pride in eg. keeping a nice yard for seem to go undone and I didn’t really give a damn. I early on began to prefer my own pathetic company to that of my friends and loved ones, mainly because I wanted to avoid their encouragement or admonishments. Often friends and family may try to get a depressed person to look on the bright side, be grateful, or change his or her thoughts. They may even minimize or try to disprove the person’s bleak reality. In most if not all cases they are very unlikely to succeed. Instead, they and the depressed person are likely to feel frustrated and alienated from one another. Only someone who’s been there can sincerely understand your depression. Don't be surprised if they lose patience with you at some point. (con’t)

...for my twin brothers and sisters from different mothers 

The Unexpected Visitor (part 3 of 4) 

I want to open this post from the Unexpected Visitor with an excerpt by Debra Fulghum Bruce, PhD from her article What Causes Depression. 

Have you ever wondered what causes clinical depression? Perhaps you have been diagnosed with major depression, and that's made you question why some people get depressed but others don't. 

Depression is a complex disease. No one knows exactly what causes it, but it can happen for a variety of reasons. Some people have depression during a serious medical illness. Others may have depression with life changes such as a move or the death of a loved one. Still others have a family history of depression. Those who do may have depression and feel overwhelmed with sadness and loneliness for no known reason. (con’t) 

What Are the Main Causes of Depression? 

Lots of things can increase the chance of depression, including the following: 

Abuse. Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can make you more vulnerable to depression later in life. 

Age. People who are elderly are at higher risk of depression. That can be made worse by other factors, such as living alone and having a lack of social support. 

Certain medications. Some drugs, such as isotretinoin (used to treat acne), the antiviral drug interferon-alpha, and corticosteroids, can increase your risk of depression. 

Conflict. Depression in someone who has the biological vulnerability to it may result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members or friends. 

Death or a loss. Sadness or grief after the death or loss of a loved one, though natural, can increase the risk of depression. 

Gender. Women are about twice as likely as men to become depressed. No one's sure why. The hormonal changes that women go through at different times of their lives may play a role. 

Genes. A family history of depression may increase the risk. It's thought that depression is a complex trait, meaning there are probably many different genes that each exert small effects, rather than a single gene that contributes to disease risk. The genetics of depression, like most psychiatric disorders, are not as simple or straightforward as in purely genetic diseases such as Huntington's chorea or cystic fibrosis. 

Major events. Even good events such as starting a new job, graduating, or getting married can lead to depression. So can moving, losing a job or income, getting divorced, or retiring. However, the syndrome of clinical depression is never just a "normal" response to stressful life events. 

Other personal problems. Problems such as social isolation due to other mental illnesses or being cast out of a family or social group can contribute to the risk of developing clinical depression. 

Serious illnesses. Sometimes, depression happens along with a major illness or may be triggered by another medical condition. 

Substance misuse. Nearly 30% of people with substance misuse problems also have major or clinical depression. Even if drugs or alcohol temporarily make you feel better, they ultimately will aggravate the situation. (con’t) 

... for my twin brothers and sisters from different mothers 

The Unexpected Visitor (part 4 of 4) 

My Cause and Solution 

I largely contribute the cause of my depression to legalistic religion. It took me a long time to be able to separate religion with all of its rules most of which I couldn’t keep... from a relationship and friendship with Jesus. Deeply rooted at the bottom of this cause was the question that I bet the vast majority of you have and are afraid to think out loud much less share with each other... How can I love ,a God who will torture some of His kids in a place like Hell forever and ever? In a nutshell, most of my depression was spiritual based and rooted in this question. Dealing with the question left me feeling both fearful and guilty. Now, with Jesus help I’m able to make the “characters” (mentioned in part 1) leave as soon as they show up. As my faith and trust in Jesus has grown, I’ve become bold enough to point out to them the poor decision that they’ve made and their ultimate horrific destination. I have finally with hours of research and prayer made peace with God and am comfortable with my answer to the question. God is good all the time even when circumstances sometimes may make you wonder. 

Hope ? 

There is most definitely hope and I strongly suggest that you seek it. Counseling, support groups, medication, and natural remedies each offer a unique approach to healing. You may try one or several things before finding the treatment best suited to your needs. But whatever you do, do something. I would suggest that you start with your doctor. They can open up a world of resources and perhaps refer you to a Christian counselor. Despite your current reality, the truth is that you don’t have to stay in this place forever. I wish that I could recommend some resources to you but fool that I am, I chose for a very, very long time to fight the demons alone. I can tell you from experience that this isn’t the way to go. So, take the first step, whether or not you think it will help. You might just be surprised. 




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 Ken Shelton

December 23, 2020

If you really care about you kids, grandkids and country, this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO 

“To so-called conservatives who are quick to identify the socialism of Democrats: If you vote for this spending monstrosity, you are no better,” Rand Paul urged in a speech on the Senate floor: https://youtu.be/_p7P4EOqCG8 

This is a video of president Donald Trump on the $900 billion Covid relief package. https://youtu.be/ABYC7ikFIuY The wasted $$$ will make you not only nauseous but angry ! The members of congress both Democratic and Republicans alike should be ashamed of themselves. There were 6 votes against the bill. The six votes against the measure came from Republican Senators Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.), Rand Paul (Ky.) Rick Scott (Fla.), Ron Johnson (Wisc.), Mike Lee (Utah) and Ted Cruz (Texas). These men and women should be applauded and remembered. In my opinion the Democrats in Congress are for the most part Marxist/socialist and the Republicans are for the most part cowards who are afraid of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and AOC. These people need to be called out and remembered come election time. God blessed our country more than any country in history only to have it pulled down by poor leadership. Our vote is the only weapon we have and now even that has been tainted by the Left winged Democratic party. Come quickly Lord Jesus !!

If you really care about you kids, grandkids and country, this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO 


Ken Shelton

December 20,2020

This will be my last “through the keyhole” for the year. I want to thank the people who followed my “rantings” through the year. I would also like to thank those of you who have followed and supported my music over the last few years. It really means a lot to me. https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com/ 

I want to leave you with the last Glenn Beck video for 2020. It truly should be both an inspiration and a challenge to all of us. When all is said and done in this maddening world, he to me is one of the very few voices of reason which I trust .I hope that you and your family have a peaceful and blessed holiday season! Ken 

Glenn Beck video https://youtu.be/BTMV8sufimw


Ken Shelton

January 4, 2021

 This post included my song Bestest Friend performed by my friend Lillian Penner

This is my first …through the keyhole for 2021. A couple of days ago I lost another friend Buster McAdory to Covid 19. When it hits this close to home, you can’t help but wonder who might be next…knowing full well that it could be me. I can think of no darker evil in human history ,worse that what the leaders of the CCP have perpetrated on the world. The virus has ruined economies, taken human lives and created a sense of fear, despair and hopelessness in the minds of people worldwide. I’ve included a podcast by Glenn Beck done on December 29,2020 that I feel does an excellent job in addressing these issues. If you by chance find yourself feeling hopeless I hope it will help…it did me. 

https://youtu.be/kXyAUA3Jdhs with the faith of a child ,Ken


Ken Shelton

January 19,2021

 This post featured my song Heaven Bless.

Kids in Funny Clothes 

You know if the truth be known, grownups are nothing more than kids in funny clothes. It’s kinda sad that with age we are all expected by society to become more mature and sophisticated. We are inundated with rules, regulations and beliefs that are meant to shape and mold us into what one group or another think we ought to be. Right or wrong, like it or not that’s just the way life is. 

It is in this “rat race” that the child in us often fades and in some people actually dies altogether. In Matthew 18:3 Jesus said “Truly I say to you, unless you change and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Now ain't that a hoot !He wasn’t instructing us to act childishly or immature; however He knew that we would never be able to see and believe in the unseen if we tried to view it through our skeptical, world hardened adult eyes. It took me the majority of my life to find my inner child again. I sincerely hope you are more fortunate. I want to see you on the other side. https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com 

Peace, Ken


 Ken Shelton

February 11, 2021

...My Two Cents Worth 

As I write this Barrack Obama is beginning his third term as president of the United States. Over 44 executive orders have already been signed by acting president Joe Biden. Our taxes are going up, our borders have been weakened, while more attention is being paid to LGBT than the hungry and the homeless. Censorship is being advanced at warp speed. Americans are still being lied to about the effectiveness of mask and Covid testing while their loved ones are being forced to die in hospitals and nursing homes alone. Now to top it all off the government is hiding the truth about the effectiveness of the deadly toxic shot which they are calling a vaccination. Over %17 of Biden voters have openly voiced their regret over their vote. If you are one of those who voted for the Marxist movement which we are now witnessing I hope you realize that unless you are one of the wealthy elite you will now have to suffer along with the rest of us. I hope your hatred for Donald Trump was worth it. (to be con’t)

Ken Shelton

February 22 2021

Hole in the Dam was written by myself and Jeff Trish, a friend of mine from Pennsylvania. The song was recorded by The Collaborators a “ghost group” created by Jeff and a good friend of ours, Cyrus Gray. Jeff who also produced and performed the song did an awesome job! The song was written as a “tongue in cheek” warning for Americans about the critical condition our country is in. It’s time to wake up people!


Ken Shelton

March 15.2021

I just wanted to thank the hundreds of people who have visited my Broken Little Heroes Project page on FB. I hope that you've enjoyed and were possibly touched by one of my song (videos). Most of all you have been encouraged to add these little heroes to your daily prayer list. I wanted to post one of the songs on the page which hopefully will draw attention to one of the biggest monsters which many of our kids are having to fight and that is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse, child trafficking and child pornography are at an all time high worldwide. Please pray for our kids ! Thanks, Ken


Ken Shelton

March 19,2021

This post featured my song She's Like a Sad Old Song.

I just wanted to thank the hundreds of people who have visited my Broken Little Heroes Project page on FB. I hope that you've enjoyed and were possibly touched by one of my song (videos). Most of all you have been encouraged to add these little heroes to your daily prayer list. I wanted to post one of the songs on the page which hopefully will draw attention to one of the biggest monsters which many of our kids are having to fight and that is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse, child trafficking and child pornography are at an all time high worldwide. Please pray for our kids ! Thanks, Ken


Ken Shelton

April 11,2021

This post featured the song Run Rabbit Run written by me and my friend Jeff Trish,

Doomsday Clock 

Most of us are so busy trying just to survive that we are somewhat blind to just how close we are for this “dog and pony show” to be over! The ‘doomsday clock,’ which indicates how close our planet is to complete annihilation, is now only 100 seconds away from midnight. It’s the closest to catastrophe that scientists have judged the world to be at any point since its creation in 1947, the start of the cold war. What should this mean for us as human beings? It is my humble opinion that if you haven’t already, you need to seriously should think about having a “come to Jesus talk “.The decision you make is strictly between you and Him. Just sayin’ I have attached a 4 song " Doomsday Suite" pertinent to this subject., which includes Run Rabbit Run, The Cities Burn, Distant Drums and Hole in the Dam. Hope you’ll take time to listen. Ken https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com


Ken Shelton

April 14,2021

This post included the song My Way Back Home

Written for my twin brother and sister from different mothers, you know who you are… 

  As “Ragamuffin Christians”, we have a tendency to wander off away from home. Why? Maybe, it’s because we have a restless spirit .Perhaps, we have poor memories and are unable to remember just where our wayward travels have taken us in the past. Maybe, we’re just weak and lack self-discipline. Our wanderings certainly aren’t done to deliberately anger or hurt God. That would fall into the category of absolute foolishness. 

Our journeys usually begins with a few harmless ,casual steps, each day widening our invisible boundaries until we wake up one day to find ourselves once again completely lost. It’s at this point that we start trying to find our way back home to God ashamed and with our tail tucked between our legs. But you know what? Like the prodigal son found in Luke 15: 11-32 He always forgives us and welcomes us back with open arms…for the life of me I don’t know why. Then in a way that only He can, He says to us “I’m glad that you’re my friend”. Most days, our faith that this is really true is all that keeps us going. 

Keep the faith, 




Ken Shelton

April 15, 2021

This post included my songs I've Missed My Boy.

 A Ragamuffin Project 

I’m what the late Brennan Manning would call a “Ragamuffin Christian” As a matter of fact he even wrote a book about, and for us entitled the Ragamuffin Gospel. I am more than certain that the vast majority of the people that will read this post are Ragamuffin Christians as well. Not quite certain exactly what a Ragamuffin Christian is …go to my web site https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com There you will find not only the definition for “Ragamuffin Christian” but some good music written by a Ragamuffin for other Ragamuffins( All Music downloads are FREE). The vast of people majority who know me well ,know that I am definitely a Ragamuffin ! While on my site I hope you will check out “a Ragamuffin Project” which I feel will make it easier for you to do something to help someone less fortunate. One more thing…before you leave my site please sign the Guest Book! Thanks, Ken


Ken Shelton

April 28,2021

Not for everyone… 

This post featured my song I've Missed my Boy

Those of you who have followed me and my music for the past 4 years or so know that I have heavily incorporated in metaphor style the “Ragamuffin “theme. The reason for this is really simple…it describes me, my music and Christian faith. I find myself drawn to those who socially don’t fit in, as well as those who life has left worn, battered, bruised and burned out. This is pretty much a description of me, when Jesus found me looking for Him not so long ago. After years of being beaten up by religion with all of its rules and legalism, I had reached the point where I was ready to give up. 

Story after story in the Bible clearly shows that Jesus was drawn to ragamuffins, because they needed the most help. Thankfully Jesus didn’t give up on me. Currently He’s trying to teach me to let go and trust Him. He’s also trying to teach me to stop beating myself up and living in the past. I’m doing better but I’ve got a long, long way to go! If this sounds anything like you , I hope you will visit my website https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com I would love for you to check out my music, testimony etc. You too just may be a ragamuffin and just don’t know it yet! LOL It may help to know that you’re not the only one. If you should decide to visit please sign my Guestbook before you leave.


Ken Shelton

May 8,2021

I plan to continue …though the Keyhole but with a different focus than before. Past post focused on topics like politics, and Covid issues such as taking the vaccine, wearing a mask and quarantines. I ‘m not a doomsayer or a prophet; however I do strongly believe that this world is heading towards the one world government mentioned in Revelation at warp speed. Not being a very good Bible student, I have relied heavily on the teachings of those who claim to be. I have tried really hard to use discernment to determine who’s blowing smoke and who isn’t and strongly encourage you to do so as well. I hope you will visit my website at https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com If you do please sign my guestbook page. Thanks, Ken 


Ken Shelton

May 8,2021


I’ve said before that you can take a good song and make it awesome with the right talent. Such is the case with a song I wrote called Help my Unbelief. This song has always been one of my favorite because the lyrics paint such a universal picture that people can relate to. 

…then along comes Smooth Ivory Two 

All I can say is you have to hear what these two extraordinarily talented ladies did with one of my orphans! They perform under the stage name Smooth Ivory Two. Individually they are Gina Revae Pope and Carolyn Colquitt. The first time I heard their version of Help My Unbelief I got chill bumps! We welcome your comments and hope this song touches you in a special way! Hope you'll visit my website https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com God Bless, 

Ken, Gina and Carolyn


Ken Shelton

May 22 2021

I hope you will look for and follow a 3 part … through the keyhole post entitled Are you Overthinkin’? It’s based on a song I wrote in collaboration with two friends of mine Sam Parker and Rick Smerage. The song was performed by Sam and Rick. The posts are about a decision and a relationship NOT RELIGION !! Today is the first post followed by part 2 on Monday and part 3 on Wednesday. https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com Ken


Ken Shelton 

May 23,2021

 Are You Overthinkin’ ? (part 1 of 3) 

This post featured the song Overthinkin' written by me and my friend Sam Parker featuring Rick Smerage on piano

As with many of the songs I write, the lyrics to Overthinkin’ were written to, for and about ME ! Granted I may have picked up some knowledge along the way, but I mostly accumulated a lot of confusion. If you’re reading this post and have listened to the song and it happens to sound like you…I strongly urge you to stop thinking things to death, because that’s not what God intended for us as His children. He’s simply looking for us to come to Him with a “childlike “faith and trust. 

God knows that our finite human minds can’t begin to understand supernatural things and events like where He came from, the virgin birth, or how His only begotten Son Jesus could live an absolute sinless life here on Earth as a man. The average person can’t begin to understand the full implications of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection …much less the Mercy and Grace that God exhibited at the cross. Again, all He asked for is a childlike faith and to TRUST Him. (to be continued ) 



Ken Shelton

May 24,2021

Are you Overthinkin’? (part 2 of 3) 

This post featured the song Overthinkin' written by me and my friend Sam Parker featuring Rick Smerage on piano.

The biggest roadblock to putting our trust in and believing in Jesus as the Redeemer of all mankind (that includes you) often comes in the form of questioning Gods goodness. In our arrogance and pride, we question both Gods right and ability to govern the very world that He created and which belongs to Him! We think we know best how to run our lives and only need God when we screw things up…which applies to most of the time. God gave us the Ten Commandments as a guideline to keep His laws. The average person can’t even list them all much less in order and to keep them all is simply out of the question ! Jesus said that the greatest commandment was to love God as well as each other with all of our heart. We all fall extremely short of keeping this commandment. The religious word for breaking Gods laws and not respecting Him is “sin”,The secular term which might be better understood is spiritual disobedience. Either term we choose to use we’re all guilty and unable to pay the required penalty. Romans 6:23 says’’ For the wages of sin is death, but the gracious gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” If God were to allow human disobedience, pride, arrogance and other evil into Heaven it would immediately become corrupt and decayed, like it currently is on earth. John 3:16 paraphrased says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son and who ever believes that He died to pay for all of their disobedience and rebellion …past, present and future will live forever in the future life with Him in a perfect world like He originally intended”. People who die without this forgiveness won’t be allowed to live in the perfect place God promised believers. (continued ) https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com


Ken Shelton

May 28, 2021

Are you Overthinkin’? (part 3 of 3) 

   I want to close with this. God is a God of relationships. That’s why we were created. He wants a relationship with each of us based on a childlike trust and faith. Please don’t confuse relationship with religion! God reminds us in Isaiah 55:8 ”My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. 

  If you still have questions about some of the hurtful things that God allowed to happen to you…one day you’ll have the answers and then everything will make complete sense. Finally trust that God is always good, not some of the time but always, even when circumstances may appear that He isn’t. The devil and his cronies are busy trying to spread confusion and evil. They know that they’re running out of time. Whose side will you decide to be on? It’s been a decision for each human who’s ever lived…you and I are no different. I chose God and Jesus. I’m still a major train wreck but they promised me a fresh start, a do over…a mulligan so to speak. He’ll give you one too, if you’ll just ask Him. The train bound for glory is on the verge of leaving the station. Jesus has already paid for your ticket…all you have to do is claim it ! Hope to see you on the other side. Ken 

Ken Shelton

June 30,2021

 This is the opening to my testimony. I hope you'll go to https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com and read the rest. The song Help My Unbelief was written by me and recorded by Smooth Ivory Two. 

… a Journey to Redemption (my testimony) 

...a Simple Man 

I've always been a simple man. For most of my life I haven't been a "joiner" ; nor have I been a "leader of men ". I don't care much for change and I hate loose ends. I've chosen to stay close to home rather than travel, and by my own definition am a restless soul looking for a place to land...in other words a "walking contradiction" My road to redemption has been somewhat rocky and troubled at times, caused mainly by poor decisions on my part and a somewhat warped understanding of the character of God. The latter would be the cause of many horrendous train wrecks in both my mind and spirit .It is not my intention to air my dirty laundry but rather to share the hope I found with someone who may be facing the same demons that I faced. It is about my journey to Grace. Thanks, Ken

Ken Shelton


Disclaimer: the information in this post is intended to provide serious smokers (one or more packs a day) with a less expensive and safer option. It is in no way meant to encourage anyone to smoke or use tobacco products. 

Let me begin with a few FACTS. 

1. There is no such thing as a safe cigarette. The FDA claims that there are 93 known harmful chemicals in the average cigarette. Over 63 of these chemicals are directly related to cancer. 

2. The average price for a pack of cigarettes ranges for $ 5.42 in North Carolina to $ 10 a pack in New York. 

3. With Hyper Inflation nipping at our heels, these prices could soon double. 

4. When hyperinflation is in full stride and the price of everything skyrockets some experts say that that cigarettes are at the top of the barter items list along with whiskey, gold, silver etc. 

5. I know that all of us need to quit; however If you have no real desire to give up your habit, you better look into a less expensive and safer way to feed it! 

6. This isn’t a scam or a sales pitch but rather a warning and an opportunity…don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger ! 

Go to https://www.leavesandshredders.com/ and check things out. I guarantee you’ll be impressed. I’ve been using Leaves and Shredders for over 2 years. All I ask is if you decide to get involved ask for Debbie and tell her Ken Shelton sent you.


Ken Shelton

September 3, 2021

This post included the song People Get Ready by Michelle Wright


The Glory Train is now boarding and will soon be leaving the station heading for its final destination. Your name is on the passenger list ,all you have to do is confirm your reservation with Jesus. He has paid for your ticket and arranged for your free accommodations upon arrival. It is uncertain whether there will be another opportunity, so it would be advisable to take advantage while the offer last. Now is the time to rethink any doubts or excuses you might have. I promise ...you'll be glad you did. He asked me to remind you. Ken 



Ken Shelton

September 26,2021

 This post featured the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil

As humans it is easy to forget the cunning and cleverness of the devil. It is also easy as we struggle to merely try to survive our life, to forget that it is his desire to destroy our very soul and faith. Any effort to combat him on our own without the help of God is hopeless. God calls him the author of confusion and the father of lies. He has been given rule of this world for a brief time. He knows his time is running out and he's getting desperate. I think it's fair to say that never before has the world been in a more universal dire strait. 

Jesus came to earth to fix the brokenness ,knowing that the very ones that he was trying to redeem would murder Him. Had you been there ,had you been alive back then what would have been your stand ? What is your stand now? Just like Satan our time is running out. Each of us was given the responsibility at birth to decide whether or not to trust Jesus with our life and future. This ain't about religion folks. It's about where you will make your stand. He asked me to remind you.   Ken  https://youtu.be/GgnClrx8N2k

Ken Shelton

September 27,2021

If you truly love America this is a must watch ! Marjorie Taylor Greene is both refreshing and frank. I know that you are busy but if you want an honest view on what our government is doing that will soon force your kids and grand kids to live in a communist country for long after you're gone you need to take the time to watch. Thank God for people like Marjorie Taylor Green.  https://youtu.be/Xeo3E3IQxpw


Ken Shelton

October 12,2021

Yesterday I officially finished year # 71 of my journey. I've made more than my share of dumb mistakes, wasted a ton of opportunities and endured more than my share of bumps and bruises. But you know what...along the way I've made a bunch of friends and I want to thank all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday ! Here's to surviving to the end of # 72. God Bless Ken 


 Ken Shelton


This post included  my song Help My Unbelief

If the lyric of this song... 

The idea for this song came from Mark 9:24. If the lyric of this song sounds like the writer of this song (me) was having a crisis of faith at the time, it's probably because he was. When God gave me this song to write, I was driving myself literally insane trying to figure God out. Nowadays Jesus is helping me learn to come to Him with the faith and trust that only a child can have. This is all that He expects from me. 

Smooth Ivory Two, Gina Pope and Carolyn Colquitt did an awesome job on this song!   


Ken Shelton

October 23,2021

“Somewhere along the line, we got the false idea that we ourselves had the credentials to be judges” 

I recently revisited God in the Docks by CS Lewis. Lewis was from England. God on Trial is how we would say it in America. Since the beginning of the “Human Experiment” Gods greatest creation or to make it more intimate, His kids have tried to bring Him down to their level rather than to try to elevate themselves up to His. Somewhere along the line, we got the false idea that we ourselves had the credentials to be judges. Not only have we made ourselves judges over other race, colors and creeds but over God as well. Anyone that is in anyway different than ourselves has become fair game. If we were in every other way perfect this sin if unforgiven and corrected alone would be enough to keep us from living with God forever in a coming perfect world. Unfortunately, we are all guilty when it comes to this particular sin not to mention a variety more. 

There is nothing more dangerous than a broken human being with a free will. Knowing this in advance the “Godhead” decided to send Jesus to not only save us but to help us fight our own personal battles as well. When it comes to a relationship with His kids for reasons only, He knows; His desire is faith and trust over knowledge of the mysteries. One day really soon Jesus is coming back. At that time all of the Whys will be answered and the mysteries understood. All that will really matter then is do you personally know Him. Are you ready? 

PS I found this short video, based on God in the Docks that’s kinda neat. Just click on the link https://youtu.be/tha2JXO6U5g



Ken Shelton 

November 4,2021 

This post featured my song Gypsy Stars and Me 

It ain't like it’s an autographed picture of Elvis ...  

As I write this, I've just turned 72 years old and my " songwriting career" has spanned over the last 5 years. After much prayer, I have chosen to offer the download of all of my music for free. (It's not like it’s an autographed picture of Elvis LOL), but my music is all I’ve got to give. I've also made it easy for you if you should so desire, to donate directly to two of my favorite charities. A donation made directly to either of these two charities of any size, I’m sure will be more than welcome. All donations will go directly to Jude Children Hospital ... This link https://www.stjude.org/.../how-can-i-donate-to-st-jude.html will take you to the exact spot where you need to be to make a donation directly to St Jude. It’s just that quick and easy. if you prefer you may choose the American Cancer Society… just click the link https://www.cancer.org/involved/donate.html and you're there. It goes without saying that donations are optional; however, if you donate, please leave me a note on my guest book page.  

This will carry you to my website … https://ragamuffinsongs1949.com/ I’ll be honored if you will take a few minutes to check out my site  

Thanks, Ken


Ken Shelton


 A post for my twin brothers and sisters from different mothers... 

  Let me begin by saying that this post is not about religion but rather relationships. I will spare you my opinion of organized religion for now. I do however want to talk about a relationship with a friend of mine. I'm ashamed to say it took me 28 years of struggle to finally make peace with my friend and redeemer Jesus. I’ll make no excuse but to say that sometimes it is really hard to be a broken, finite human being dealing with an infinite unseen God. Maybe you’re on the fence about Jesus. Maybe you’re driving yourself insane trying to figure out deep spiritual mysteries with a finite mind that is worn out and frayed from the insanity and madness of the broken world we live in. Or perhaps you’re a believer who is having a crisis of faith. I called this post “A post for my twin brothers and sisters from different mothers... “because I’ve been through the same dark, confusing times of questioning and doubts that you’re experiencing. 

Jesus offers you a solution in Matthew 13: 8 and Jesus said, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless you repent [that is, change your inner self—your old way of thinking, live changed lives] and become like children [trusting, humble, and forgiving], you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 

In other words, take off your grown -up clothes, find the inner child you’ve lost somewhere along the way and trust your life to Him. I hope that you will give Him a try. If you’re serious I promise it will work. It did for me. 

He asked me to remind you, Ken 

PS The lady performing my song “Bestest Friend” is my talented Canadian friend Lillian Penner.



 Ken Shelton 

November 22,2021 

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me  (written by David Romano and read by Tom O'Bedlam )  

Today I was really missing my son Jason and Jesus led me to this poem on You Tube...I cried like a baby for the first time in a long time. I'm sharing it in hopes it will touch and perhaps comfort someone who has lost someone they love God Bless Ken  https://youtu.be/8YMJcIvpUlc