Songs from an old                     Ragamuffin

WRGG Promo 

 Fool in Mississippi

Wishin' it was me Blues 

 Feel Like Havin' the          Blues       

Wish I could write a Song 

Tomcat Love 

Always in the Way

Clown with two Left Feet 

Gypsy Stars and Me 

  'Cause She's Gone

 The Dilemma

 Full Moon Down in Dixie             
  All Songs written and performed by Ken Shelton except Fool in Mississippi which was co-written with Sam Parker


As far as being a songwriter goes…I’m better than some and not quite as good as some others. I know that I’m not a singer but for the most part, nobody has been available to sing my songs but me. Lol Over these past four years on my road to redemption ,God has blessed me by surrounding me with some really awesome talent. The talent of these people in my opinion has helped turn my songs into something really special. I want to thank Keyboards Dennis Palitang ,Lillian Penner and Bob Radio Strings Lillian Penner  Fiddle Jessie Morgan Flute Lillian Penner Guitar Nicky V, Toby Wilson ,Vincent Zaalberg ,Ruskin Clay Banjo Vincent Zaalberg Saxaphone Dennis Palitang mix and mastering Ruskin Clay . I want to say a special thanks to Steven Banasik for his encouragement to do this CD and for making an old guy feel really special .Last and most definitely not least, I want to thank Jesus. I wish I could be as good a friend to You as You are to me. 


Ragamuffins and Orphans
...the Road to Redemption

Hard to Get

   Amber Crouch

*Don't You Ever get tired
 of People 

   Lillian Penner 

Bestest Friend

    Lillian Penner
Half as Much 

    Gemma Adams

Help my Unbelief 

     Smooth Ivory Two

Behind the Sky

       Lillian Penner

Gypsy Stars and Me                     Claire Virginia

The Sign

      Debra Gordon

Broken Little Heroes                      Lillian Penner

Feel Like Havin' the Blues            Claire Virginia

'Cause He's Gone                     Wanda Waterman
Distant Drums (pop v.)               Lillian Penner
*God Cries                                 Lillian Penner
It's a God Thing                        Amber Crouch

**Overthinkin'                     S. Parker R. Smerage
*Someone                                 Lillian Penner
Closing Time Sweethearts (duet)  K. Shelton w/ W.Waterman

The Cities Burn

      Jim Gear

All songs written by Ken Shelton except where noted with
* which were co-written with Lillian Penner. **which was co-written with Sam Parker and Rick Smerage.


I want to say a special thanks to the following Ragamuffin friends for" loaning me" their awesome musical talents to make this album happen...

Frank Michaels

Amber Crouch

Debra Gordan

 Jim Gear     

Lillian Penner,

 Wanda Waterman

Dennis Palitang

Sam Parker            Rick Smerage

 Ruskin Clay 

Dennis Palitang

Carolyn Colquitt

Robert Davis

Claire Virginia 

Gina Pope

Gemma Adams

Thanks guys.Thanks most of all to Jesus who promised to get us all home safely if we just ask 






             Odds n' Ends

My Way Back Home

Distant Drums (org. version)

Hole in the Dam

Heaven Bless

Slippin' through the Cracks

I've Missed my Boy

She's Like a Sad Old Song

With Broken Wings

Missions Lullaby

Run Rabbit Run

The Cities Burn (performed by Jim Gear )

Punkys Blues

Scufflin Days

Docs Song (Never been much of a Dancer)

         Megan Paullet


I've been amazed over the last four years ,how God has provided me with some of the most talented musicians and vocalist from all over the world to help me put down my tracks. This album was no different. I've come to refer to these people as part of my Ragamuffin Band. Some of these guys have been with me since the beginning and others have joined me as I've gone along .I hope that I don't leave anyone out.

Jack Haigh      Nicky V 

 Jim Gear  Martin Motnik

Lillian Penner   Jeff Trish

     Vincent Zaalberg 

Bob Radio  Dmitry Karev          Ruskin Clay  Jesse Morgan

Carolyn Colquitt  Ruskin Clay

Dennis Palitang

As always I want to thank my best friend Jesus for putting this all together !